Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bird Batik

For a few years, this batik bird fabric has been pinned on my studio wall, just the piece of fabric. 

And now, it isn't, although it does have a sleeve for hanging on the back. I needed a few quick, or sort of quick, samples of quilting using the walking foot. I'm so enjoying quilting with Aurefil 50-weight polyester thread these days.

And, I'm thinking, it really would be fun to do a little more batiking this summer.

Unrelated, here are some purses I made a month or so ago for a wedding party, plus a few other people.  I wish I could remember the make and number of the borrowed pattern I used, but I do remember that it's discontinued.

There was a bride purse too. White satin, silver embroidery.  Fusible fleece. 

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Anonymous said...

I love the bird batik and what you've done with it!
- Sarah