Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Season's End

It's the last week of the season for baseball/softball games, unless there are rain reschedules.  Last night Steph and Mike went with the Nora's Wombats and I went with Aaron's Falcons.  (That's Aaron at third base.) Both teams won, which made for a nice evening.  The Wombats are paying in a tournament, and the weather doesn't look good for tonight.  Thunderstorms right at game time.

Last night on the way home I asked Aaron what made the difference, why for the past couple of games he's turned into a hitter.  He said, "I decided to watch the ball."  Can it really be that easy for a six-year-old?

This morning I dug out the spirea bushes beside the back porch.  They were probably 50 years old and were no longer pretty bushes, plus they required a lot of trimming maintenance.  They were also probably planted too close to the porch, which made for strange shapes. 

So, now I have a shade garden, just a little morning sun.  I've planted a fern and baby's breath and moved a hosta which wasn't at all sun-happy.  Now for some impatiens and lots of Miracle Grow.  I've been concentrating on the front yard for the past few years and I'm pretty excited to see what I can do in the back yard.     

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