Saturday, June 21, 2014

June Birthday

We had some other plans yesterday, but the kids really wanted to go swimming, and that's what we did.  It was the perfect day for it, rain in the forecast, and the city pool wasn't at all crowded.  Aaron went off the diving board for the first time, very confident and pleased with himself.  The kids got in lots of swimming and several dives before the first thunder rumbled and everyone had to get out of the pool.

My neighbor brought me a chocolate birthday cake and there was dinner at Steph's house when the kids and I got home from The Lego Movie.  Phone singing from Sarah and Winnie.  A very nice day.

A bummer end, though, when the Reds blew a huge lead and lost 14 - 9.  And when I found out that Winnie's birthday was Wednesday when I thought it was tomorrow.  And the bridesmaid dress I altered didn't fit at all, totally too small now, and I hadn't changed it much.  What did I do?  I brought it home and took it back to the original seams and we'll try again.

Today is the summer solstice, which I love.  This calls for a celebration all over again.

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Joanne S said...


LOVE that cake. Guess what? the bridesmaid could have gained a few pounds. It happens.

It's so nice to have a city pool. Our Town wants one and they projected the cost to be 21 million. For a pool. A whole SCHOOL costs 25 million.

I gotta move to a smarter Town.