Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday Night Baseball/Softball

On this Wednesday night, the Wombats had their second tournament loss (but they had two wins.)  Just so you know, Nora isn't crying over the loss in the picture above, this was last night when she was waiting to scout tonight's opponent.

And the Falcons had a win and medal presentation.  The medals had the player's names on the back, very nice touch.  Aaron got in the car and said, "I never thought Aaron Lockhart would get a medal."

The end of a baseball/softball season always seems sad to me, whether it's kid baseball or professional.  The grands would both be happy to play on.

On the way home, Aaron and I listened to the Reds game and he asked how the new pitcher knew when to come in.  How fun to tell him that there is a telephone in the bullpen.   

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