Saturday, May 31, 2014

Viking Tote Bag

This is the June Husqvarna Viking Project (and June is . . . tomorrow!)  It's a huge tote, big enough to take your quilt plus another thing or two to class.  The embroidery is done over Puffy Foam.  Just so happened that my friend Carrye gave me some Puffy Foam that she decided she'd never use, like last week.  It had cute little cat teeth marks on the edges, too.  Thanks, Carrye.

I'd never embroidered on Puffy Foam but it wasn't hard.  Just lay the foam over the hooped fabric and embroider over it with a special design.  For a design like these tiny leaves, it's a good idea to turn off the jump stitch while the foam is tacked down. 

This was an unusual week for me . . . I worked at the store five days, plus one to come next week.  And tonight I went to a beautiful wedding.  Good times.   

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DMarsh said...

This is gorgeous!