Thursday, May 1, 2014

Riley Blake Charm Quilt

The improv baby quilt I showed you last time took quite a bit of time to complete, so I decided to piece together a Riley Blake charm pack for this one.  Just as nice, just different.

I thought I was behind on baby quilts, but when I put my last one on Pinterest (I'm keeping a 2014 record of my sewing projects) I realized that I had already made two this year.  And in April I turned in a baby quilt I had in my stash.  So, I'm not behind at all.

My current sewing project is another one of those can't-show-yet projects.  I can show you in a month, but I can tell you that I'm making eleven individual somethings.  So far, I have seven finished.  Very different than what I usually make. 

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Carol K said...

This is beautiful, Connie!