Saturday, May 24, 2014


Thanks to Sarah and Winnie for the Mother's Day gift certificate to Fort Thomas Florist.  It was perfect for a wagon load of plants to get my garden going.  That's evening primrose in the front, one of my favorites.

Yesterday I expanded my front yard bed with cardboard, topsoil, and mulch.  It won't be ready to plant until next year, but I can put some planters on top for this season.  There is one more little space that I want to work on this fall.  Bottom line is that I'll have more garden than grass.  Part of my front yard has a pretty good slope that I wanted to get away from mowing.  I'm pretty excited about the colorful chard that I got for my raised bed.  I doubt that I'll actually eat it (maybe?) but I've long admired the way it looks.

I got a couple of groundcover roses for the way-back in the back yard.  Hopefully, they'll be happy there along with the ornamental grasses.  I want to expand that bed too.

Peonies are almost ready to bloom.  They were the one nice contribution from the previous owner.

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Joanne S said...

I repotted my peppers and tomatoes into larger pots--still not warm enough in the raised beds for them.

And I dug up the shasta daisies, divided them and then replanted them with more root room.

Thank you for looking for "me" at the greenhouse. I answer every kind of question. Smile!!!