Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tee Shirt Quilt

The tee shirt has been gifted, so I can post a picture.  This is actually a progress picture, there were sashings on all sides on the finished quilt.  The basic layout was from this blogsite, and there are also lots of instructions too, if you're thinking of making one.  Just scroll down.  Lots of inset seams with this particular layout, beware.
Each block is quilted differently, here's the Wildcat block.

My favorite part: the young woman's dog chewed part of her uniform skirt, and I was able to incorporate the chewed portion on the back.

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Jenni Pugh said...

So pretty! I have one of those storage containers under our bed full of shirts to turn into a quilt. I know one day I will start on it. :)
I love the chewed part.