Friday, May 16, 2014

Dress Like an Animal

When I went to pick up Aaron for his baseball game on Wednesday, I found Nora with some whiskers, a rabbit ears headband, and a bunny tail in her back belt loop.  Turns out that it was Dress Like an Animal day at school.  Aaron was at his other school that day, so he had worn his baseball jersey.

It started to pour when I got to their neighborhood, so there were no baseball/softball games that night.  Nora has a tournament tonight, but it's already been raining this morning.

With all the rain this week, the pollen count has gone way down, which is an excellent thing.  The oak pollen continues to drop in my driveway, though.  It's a mess, and it clogged up my drain again yesterday.

I've started a baby quilt for my co-worker, whose baby should be here in a couple of weeks.  One more row to piece.

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Jenni Pugh said...

That's crazy about the oak pollen!! That so much clog a drain!