Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Walking Shoes

I decided when I got my last pair of athletic shoes that I would wear them for walking and working out only.  And keep track of the miles.  Only thing is, I loved them so much that I wore them everywhere and quickly lost track. 

The last straw in the looks department was when my lawn mower wouldn't start and I decided to try it just one more time.  I thought if I had my good shoes on, the mower would just have to start.  And that's what happened, and I mowed the grass in them.

But that aside, I was starting to get leg cramps again and my feet started slipping in the shoes, just a little, and those are my indicators.  I wanted a different color this time, but the small store where I got them didn't have pink and I'm not a fan of the yellow so I have turquoise again.  Those are the prettiest anyway.  I'm pretty sure they have the pink in the big box store of sporting goods, but I like to support the smaller guys. 

Now, if I can just use them as a walking shoe, only.

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Jenni Pugh said...

This post makes my soul smile.