Monday, April 28, 2014

Improv Baby Quilt

Probably in October, long before the holidays, I started this improv quilt when I was taking a Joe Cunningham class on Craftsy.  And then there was a long time-out, not because I didn't like the quilt but because I was making other things.  Actualy, I like this quilt a lot.

Last week I took it along to a sewing retreat and finished it.   I think I was three quilts behind on donation baby quilts, so now I'm ony two behind.  Plus May's quilt.  I pieced and quilted another baby quilt at the retreat, so there's only the binding to go on that one.

I came home on Wednesday and I STILL have my sewing machine and my projects in the car.  One of my goals for today is to unpack, but it's raining right now.  Wednesday night was Aaron's softball game.  Thursday was a sew day at a friend's house, and although I worked on something else I might have wanted something in the car.  Friday was getting ready for Saturday's class and doing a few alterations, and Saturday I taught a class at work.  Yesterday I went to Bluffton for a visitation.  Today I really have to unpack.

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