Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Kitchen Floor

This is not an exciting blog post or a warm and fuzzy one or a creative one.  It does make me so happy, though, so I'll share it.

When I moved into my house 7 years ago, I replaced the 70's gold floor with black and white one-piece vinyl.  There were little bits of gray here and there on the white.  It looked great in my retro kitchen and I loved it.

Over the years, though, it's looked worse and worse.  Very dingy, even though I kept trying various products.  I was starting to think about replacement because it looked so bad. I saw similar floors in restaurants and no one's looked as bad as mine.

I kept researching and found that some people recommended Armstrong New Beginning as a floor stripper with a follow-up of Armstrong Shinekeeper.  I couldn't find any in my usual haunts so I ordered some from Amazon.  They came yesterday, and I am a happy person today.

It isn't an easy or a quick process, and I'm sure it isn't a green cleaner, but to me it's all about balance.  A cleaner that requires rubber gloves vs. perfectly good vinyl in the landfill.  I also got the third product, Armstrong Once 'n Done to use on a regular basis.  I'm very hopeful.

I keep popping into the kitchen to look at the floor.  It really looks new.   

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Joanne S said...

The right product for the job. A wonderful thing.
I love black and white tile floors myself--never had one, except in the doll house I furnished.

I made sure the dolls wiped their feet before crossing the floor (LOL)