Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I finished the commission tee shirt quilt today.  Finished it.  It felt amazing to put on the binding and call it done.  I did a pieced binding, which I love, and which was perfect for this colorful arty quilt.  Probably I can post pictures in about a month.

I know that the first thing I'll think of when I wake up tomorrow will be, "It's done."  Not that I haven't loved making it, because I have.  It's been a wonderful journey.

Also keeping me busy has been hemming two vintage coats.  One was cashmere and was absolutely beautiful.  The fabric in the coat and lining was incredible.  I tried to duplicate the original hem, which had an interfacing.  I hemmed that coat by hand.

And, it's softball season.  I drove Aaron to Williamsburg, OH, tonight for his first game.  His team has had one pre-season practice because the other practices were rained or snowed out.  Nora had her second game tonight, a long game called because of darkness with the score tied.  Their mom actually made it to both games, Aaron's first, then she got to watch Nora pitch.

I absolutely love to watch Aaron play because he loves it so much.  He just enjoys being part of a team and chatting with the other boys and wearing his uniform.  He was a happy boy.  I did leave his game early because it was so cold and I'm a wimp.


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