Saturday, April 5, 2014

Family First Saturday at Cincinnati Art Museum

On the next-to-last day of the Stay-cation, we went to Family First Saturday at the Art Museum.  Family First Saturday is a very inexpensive treat, just $4 for parking and free admission, the usual at the Art Museum (thank you to the benefactors.) 
The kids did the scavenger hunt, decided to skip story time, and Aaron loved the drumming with the robots.  The big hit, as usual, was the art project.  At first I was a little disappointed since it was a community building project, not the usual make-and-take.  But after a little looking on, the kids loved it.

The artist provided skinny strips of light cardboard cut from cereal and cracker boxes, soft drink cartons, etc.  A dab of glue and a clothespin to hold the cardboard in place while the glue dried - that was it.  We stayed a long time, finished the scavenger hunt, and came back again to a bigger scultpure and more building.  I know the kids would have been happy to have stayed all afternoon.

I should mention last night's trip to the Taft Theatre for Willy Wonda Jr, really awesome in a different way.  And the Museum Center the day before that.  The only thing that didn't get done was the zoo, and there was an aquarium substitution for that.  It was a week!   

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