Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mega Piping foot

Just finished a sample for a workshop using the new Viking Mega Piping foot. The stitches are on the Viking menu J, heritage stitches. The appliqued flowers were on the denim when I purchased it. I like starting from a little added bling.

The foot is a large one and fun to use. The picture below shows the Mega Piping foot beside the regular zig zag foot. It makes putting on the large 1/2" piping easy.

For all that it was easy, I've put off doing this sample for awhile, not that I'm completing other projects. Doing other things, I guess. Once I saw the decorated denim in the store I could picture how I wanted to use Marie Duncan's idea.

Twelve degrees this morning and my truck is still frosted in spite of sunshine and nine o'clock. There may be some scraping before church. My Berea friends are talking about snow and Sarah in Asheville has lots, so I'm not complaining. Once again, we missed a big one.

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