Thursday, January 21, 2010

Going Home

There was a great thread sale at my local fabric store on Monday. I filled in my collection of serger threads with the bright colors I was lacking in my thread stash and got the plain colors I'm always using up in my sewing thread stash.

I have projects to work on this week but I need a few little pieces of this and that to complete them. I make big plans in the mornings, but at the end of the work day my truck just heads for home. I try to tell it that we're going shopping, and then walking around the mall for exercise, but it just goes home.

I think it's a winter thing. It's dark and cold and home is welcoming. When I lived in a small town I always headed for the big discount store about half a mile from home where I got everything. I'm glad for other options now, rarely go to that store, but in some ways I miss the nearness and convenience of it.

I enjoy staying at home on winter evenings, enjoy just being there. The evening time goes by so quickly, and I don't even watch tv. I love gardening, but I enjoy the break from lawn mowing and working outside on summer evenings. Tonight I'm going to help watch Nora and Aaron, so no shopping then, even though I told myself last night that I could leave their house around 8 and still pick up a few things since the stores are so close to their house. My truck will probably head for home, though.

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