Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow and Light

The promised snow has begun right on schedule. How lucky for me, in my working-four-days-at-work schedule, that the snow has fallen on my day to be at home. Working on my projects.

Beginning as a teen-ager, I always wanted to cook on snowy days, and I still do. Chili with veggie crumbles for dinner tonight, and cornbread. Last night, eating a quick dinner at Whole Foods on my way to a meeting, I spotted their blueberry cornbread and meant to pick up some blueberries at the grocery store on the way home (no time for shopping when I was at Whole Foods.) I forgot. But wait . . . there are frozen blueberries, left from summer, in my freezer. I am happy.

Thanks to Steph for the bendable light for my cherished Quilt Designer. It fastens on the side of the machine and focuses wonderful LED light on my sewing. She also gave me a second bracket for my serger. Now I find that I'm automatically turning on the extra light when I turn on the sewing machine.

My "new" sewing/embroidery machine has build-in LED lights, but I find that I turn to my Quilt Designer, which I once considered luxury because it has two light bulbs, for most sewing projects. Maybe in its memory there is good karma from the many projects I've sewed on it.

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