Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mountains and Sky

Finally got to work on Helen's quilt again. There are is a mountain and some clouds where there were none before. And another mountain shaded with stitching and tulle. How can I not be happy?

And I went shopping for those little bits of things that I needed to work on my projects. Three pieces of tulle for the quilt above. A flannel bit for Aaron's quilt to match his sheets. Some Fray Check, eyelet, and ribbon to finish the latest burp cloths. Some bright green for a work sample. A remnant of some pretty denim to make a pillow for a workshop. I think I remembered everything.

Some really yummy things from my new Kroger too. A little Caesar salad from the salad bar. Olives, artichoke hearts, and grape leaves from the olive bar. Just a little, added to the salad. Soup from the soup bar, tomato with bits of veggies in it. Fun stuff.

Flour sack dishtowels from the new Kroger too. Who would have guessed it? I love using those for vintage redwork or other outlined embroidery. The KMart close to my house has stopped carrying them, so I have even less reason to shop there. I have a feeling that when the new Target opens in the same shopping plaza as the Kroger that the KMart will close soon after.

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Anonymous said...

It's always so interesting to read your blog, no matter what you talk about! I get information on things that I may never have known other wise! Of course the pics. are a plus! I do admire all that you do, you're so creative, do such good work!
Just wanted to tell you !