Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Asian Quilt

Anita Goodesign

Little wallhanging, work sample, hand-dyes and a gifted fabric. One night on the way to quilt guild, my buddy said she had a bolt of fabric that a member who moved had donated to whoever wanted it. Needless to say, it didn't make it as far as the meeting.

At Monday night's meeting I joined a postcard exchange for the coming year. It's been awhile since I made postcards, and I have a couple of new books with new techniques to try. Those little postcards are perfect for "trying."

Tired this morning, doing laundry and marveling once again at the huge amount of laundry with all those winter layers. Ten degrees today, not warming up so far. I have all those layers on the bed, ready to pull on after my shower.

One of my really good purchases this winter is a little space heater for the bathroom. I'd hoped to install a fan/heater combination but the electrician wasn't sure that the venting would work. For the heating part, this is a great substitute. Still thinking about the fan, I think the answer might be to ask a different electrician because I really think it would work.

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Anonymous said...

Your electrician was a dork. Sorry about the recommendation! Ask someone else.