Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baby Things

There's a baby shower after church today. The first time the shower was scheduled, the baby was born a few days earlier. I opted to send my gift to the parents then but still wanted to do a little something for the shower.

My first choice was a baby blanket from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones. By the time I got home last night after teaching a workshop I was way too tired for cutting and stitching it and even too tired to get motivated to go to the store close by. I remembered that I had diapers to embroider for burp cloths and started on that before bed. Designs from Embroidery Library.

I didn't have any eyelet trim for the edges and decided to just bind them. Good choice - I like the binding as well as the trim, especially for a boy. No cards or gift tags so I stitched a quick gift tag on left-over Peltex. Just as good - I've been wanting to make a collection of these to keep on hand.

Turned out that after all this, I would have been way late for church, so I'll just opt to drop the present in the mail and have a lazy rest-of-the-morning. My computer and my ears both tell me that it's raining outside. Forty-two degrees. Awesome.

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