Saturday, January 9, 2010


I baked cookies this morning for my neighbors who cleaned my sidewalks and steps after the latest snow. They acted like it was no big deal but it was a very big deal to me.

I remember having a house with a large driveway to shovel and then shoveling just a little more so that my older neighbor could get to the mailbox, and I'd put her newspaper beside her front door. She thought that was a big deal, it seemed so small to me. Am I the older neighbor now?

Let's think ahead a little - design by Dakota. Not such a stretch, really. I came home from work today at 5:45 and it wasn't dark yet. We're almost three weeks past the winter solstice and the magic is happening.

Not the best choice in footwear in the snow yesterday, but I wore black dress shoes to work (as dress as it gets for me, anyway.) After months of sore toes and clunky shoes I realized that things are better now and I can wear just about anything again. I'll have to see what else is waiting in my closet, but for today, it was back to the clunky (and warm.)

Two days off sounds glorious. I have lots to do, including Journey Group at my house tomorrow night, which means soup and cleaning. Mostly cleaning, soup is no big deal. I stopped at Panera and got some good bread and I'll think up a tiny dessert, maybe buy that too. Everyone will bring a little something, and it will be a warm and happy gathering.


Anonymous said...

your spring design looks so soft, warm & pretty,like a breath of fresh warm air on a sunny day! Were those white choc. chunks in the cookies ? They look inviting ! Speaking of such things, that candle you gave to Do & I has a very nice warm, inviting scent!
Thank you for that!

Jess said...

Love the Spring design! And the cookies look delish--miss you much Connie:-)