Monday, February 1, 2010

Thanks, Melody

I'm sure there are lots of us who faithfully read Melody's blog fibermania. Melody is a wonderful quilter and is so generous in sharing lessons about quilting and dyeing and knitting. For February, she has started Quilting Along With Melody, an opportunity to quilt along her using one common block that can be cut (or not) and which uses only fabrics on hand.

Of course I want to quilt along, so I'm committing myself to one block per day. Melody and probably others are already far along with many blocks, but I'll be happy with just one each day. My middle block (the dark green in this case) will come from my scrap basket - it's just a 4 1/2"square so it will be easy to fine something in the basket. All the next strips will be a red since I love red and have lots in my stash. My outer strips will be a color that compliments the inner color. My results will be pretty scrappy, which is just fine with me.

My first block is above - it's cut into four pieces but those aren't sewn together yet, which is why it looks a little crooked. Who knows, I might want to arrange it differently - I already have once.

Thanks to Melody for coming up with this idea. I've been looking for a gentle challenge, realizing that I have lots going on, and this will be perfect for me.

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