Wednesday, February 3, 2010


After free-motion quilting for the past three days, I'm finished with this piece. Tomorrow night it will go to Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church on Montomery Road where it will live on the communion table during Mennonite Arts Weekend.

I'm not sure how large the table is, but I anticipate draping the piece over the table. Under the sheer area I've left the batting loose so I can drape it higher and get more of a feeling of motion, maybe like below.

We'll know tomorrow night. There is free motion quilting over the middle of the purple area with the areas around the edges unquilted. Maybe one day, when this is a wall hanging, I'll free motion all the way to the edges and add a sheer border. For now, though, it's finished.

The quilting thread is a Maxi-Lock Swirl, usually used in sergers. It's not a smooth thread so it gives lots of texture and the color changes every few inches. I'm wondering what my bobbin case will look like - it probably will need a good cleaning.