Sunday, February 7, 2010


Yesterday and today I worked on the pathway on Helen's quilt. I've know all along that the pathway would be significant, both in the composition and the time required. On the right side of the quilt will be lots of bare trees, or almost bare trees, and there are leaves on the pathway.

I'm still not happy with the shape of the pathway, but it will be lined with bushes in front so it will smooth out.

The leaves are lots of little pieces cut with the rotary cutter and held down with fine netting and machine quilting.

Helen, we're getting there.


Mountain Sage said...

Connie, It looks so cool!!! thanks so much! Love it and I know Jack will too! thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's looking good, it will be great!

The Ramp said...

Connie, getting very excited about the wonderful work you are doing!! I picked out a spot to hang it and know that it look wonderful there. You'll have to come and see for yourself.