Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quick Dashes

A quick dash across the river to put my quilt in place -

followed by a quick dash to Kroger's on the way home for a few things. I made a grilled cheese sandwich when I got home and realized that I was now out of margarine. Another day for that.

And goodness, I'm sleepy. Crazy sleepy. I had plans for watching "Cincinnati's Abandoned Subway" on KET at 10 tonight, but that's not gonna happen. Good thing I made today's quilt block this morning.

Bad weather coming, it looks like. I've avoided the tv news because I know there is so much hype and I don't want to see it. I got an email saying that Mennonite Arts Weekend is still on. I've been looking forward to it ever since the last one two years ago and I'll be so disappointed if I can't get there. And if others can't get there.

The electric blanket is calling me.

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