Sunday, November 1, 2015

Post Halloween

I woke up this morning eager to change the clocks and to change out the Halloween decorations.  I made this little Halloween quilt years ago.  Very precise, with sashings  Polyester batting.  Stitch in the ditch quilting.  Or, maybe I just used the buttons as tacking,  Still, I can see some of the quilter I would become.  Bright colors.  Movement.

I can picture myself making it.  Probably using a Singer machine, which I still have.  Cutting out each individual piece, or maybe I used a rotary cutter.  I was so happy when the rotary cutter/ruler/cutting mat came along and when I could finally afford all three.  And a book with directions about using them.  The idea then was to use this new technique to make traditional quilts.  I want to see whether I still have that book.  I'm guessing not.  

The Thanksgiving replacement is a turkey quilt, made with the embroidery machine, very different.  I'll post that picture tomorrow, although you've probably seen it before.

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