Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tis The 'Season

'Tis the season for not talking a lot about where this little quilt is going.  The pattern is a disappearing nine-patch, although it's hard to tell that.  The fabric is Moda, but I can't remember the name of the design collection.

A week from today, I plan to be doing a lot of decorating and wrapping.  I had a closet that badly needed to be cleaned out and now it's a wonderful place for storing gifts.

I was so dismayed at myself for holding on to various things in that closet.  Like the two pillows that came with my sofa.  I've had that sofa for 12 years now, never liked those pillows, never used them.  I don't even like the sofa any more and keep a slip cover on it.  Why did I think I needed to keep those pillows?  It's especially discouraging to have things like that which actually came in the moving truck when I moved here.

Because it's the season, I'm making a double batch of cookies tonight.  Some for now, some to freeze for Christmas.  When I make the Thanksgiving applesauce, the same thing will happen.  Did I mention that I love my freezer?  

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Joanne S said...

Next time we move, I promised myself that I would have a dumpster parked next to the moving van. And that I would toss things into it with abandon. I will keep the things that I love using.

Perhaps I should ask for a dumpster for Christmas?