Friday, November 6, 2015

Happy Day

My daughter Stephanie and I had an afternoon beer sampler (maybe 2) and good bar food at 50W in Newtown, Ohio.  And all the beers were great.  A new local favorite.

It's a day to be happy.  Aaron had his annual eye exam at Cincinnati Children's Medical Center and the news was good.  So grateful for the doctors at Children's and for preschool vision screening.  For his parents who patched him as much as he could tolerate, made sure he wore his glasses every day, and tracked down those glasses at least three times a week in unlikely places.  At age eight, his vision with glasses is 20/20 in each eye, and it could have been so different.

His dream is to be a baseball player, and if that happens I hope he is an advocate for early screening.  If that doesn't happen, I still hope he is an advocate.

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Joanne S said...

My son had eye surgery three times. The first two were unsuccessful. So, i understand completely the time and effort that parents have to put into the recovery period. I had the overnight shifts to make sure he didn't roll over in his sleep.