Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tall Christmas Tree

Another Christmas gift, a Tall Christmas Tree (76"), paper pieced from A Very Special Collection.  It took me a very long time, although a friend just finished one in a few days.  Did I mention that she's my hero?  This is my second tree, the tissue paper patterns come two to a package.  The patterns come in several sizes, with this one being the biggest, of course.

What a rainy afternoon.  I think I missed my window for the last lawn mowing on Monday, when the weather was still reasonably warm and dry.  I'll still mow, of course, but it may be pretty cold when I do.  Before that happens, I need to go to the gas station for about a quarter of a gallon to gas to finish up the season.

Next week I will trim back the clematis and other vines on my railings so I can put up the Christmas  lights.  It's hard to believe that they haven't frozen yet.

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