Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Winter Lights

Winter Lights at the North Carolina Arboretum was stunning.  So many lights, incorporated so well into the arboretum features.

Somehow, two of the ones I loved were on the quiet side.  The tree was inside one of the buildings and had twigs painted white and added to the evergreen.  Of course, I might have liked it because Sarah cut and painted the twigs but I think I really liked it because of the contrast of the white with the dark green.

It's been a wonderfully warm day here.  I did get the yard mowed and the vines cut off the iron railings.  And then I couldn't resist winding the lights around the railing because there just CAN'T be another day like this for outside decorating.

Happily, my shopping today was simple.  The fabric store for some bits of fabric for alterations I'm doing.  The local ice cream shop just because it's the day before Thanksgiving and it's such a happy place, the kind of place out-of-town people just have to visit when they are home for a holiday.  There were extra donuts and Thanksgiving cakes.  Bags with orders waiting to be picked up.  Cars pulling up at the drive-through for ice cream.  Just happiness.

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