Sunday, November 29, 2015

Greenville, South Carolina

These are the last pictures from last week's trip, a day trip to Greenville, South Carolina.  I've wanted to go there forever, just because I remember that the students from Greenville were so special.

Just imagine having a waterfall like this in the center of your town.

Hospice was having an event in the park with that waterfall.  There were colorful umbrellas in memory of friends or relatives.

There was a skating rink set up downtown, with music and a Christmas tree.  It started to rain and we ducked into the Carolina Ale House for lunch.  There were football games on the big tv's.  Some people liked South Carolina, some liked Clemson. 

And, they had Cold Mountain, a seasonal beer from Highland Brewing. ( The foam left a nice pattern on the glass.) The downtown had lots of shops and galleries.  It reminded me of a classy Galtinburg, maybe because there was a Kilwin's.  I'm so glad we went.

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