Thursday, December 3, 2015

Table Topper

This table topper, Which Way, by GE Designs, is my favorite new pattern.  I like the quilt as you go, just sew and put on the binding.  And I like that it uses a charm pack, which I sometimes can't resist because the fabrics are so pretty and coordinated.  For you non-quilters, a charm pack is a collection of 5" squares, and it's a good way to use a design collection you love without spending a whole lot.

Snow on the roof tops and cars this morning, and that's ok with me.  We've had the longest and best fall that I can remember.  It should warm up this weekend, which will give me a chance to swap out the outside lights on my railing.  There are now two sections out, and it's time to replace.  The new lights on the inside tree are the same style, only larger, and I'm hoping for better luck there.


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