Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Handkerchief Quilt

Now that Christmas is past, I can share this handkerchief quilt, commissioned by a daughter to give to her mother.

Some of the handkerchiefs were plain with fancy edges, others had fancy embroidery but plain edges.  They were all different in size and most had been used and laundered and were quite thin.  

After first going in a different direction, I decided to use the lower right corners of each handkerchief, usually mounting a plain-edged handkerchief over a fancy-edged one, then mounting that on white Kona.  White because the handkerchiefs were so sheer and Kona because it has a nice sturdiness.  

The state handkerchiefs, Washington and Colorado, I used by themselves because they already had the look of fancy in the corner with lighter flowers over that.  And there are a couple, a gray and a blue and white, that I used a different corner of the same handkerchief.  The pictures with lace were already in the package and I just mounted those over all-lace handkerchiefs,

The size was 32" x 40".  On the back, I added a few handkerchiefs that I didn't use on the front, and I added a pocket for a few more plus any memories added later.

I was happy to receive a Christmas picture including the quilt and its recipient, and there were smiles.   

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