Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Visits

Tomorrow I'll show you one of my Christmas projects, but today I want to share more family time.  Specifically, the day before Christmas Eve, when we went to Cincinnati to a few of my favorite places.  Aaron wasn't too happy about the Findlay Market trip, so he sat part of it out across from the gellato stand, drinking Coke from a little bottle.  I thought he'd be impressed by all the food, but really, only the fish with eyes caught his eight-year-old fancy.  He had a waffle from Taste of Belgium, which is very popular here.

Sweet Nora sat with us while Winnie shopped for spices.  Included in her purchases was beet powder, for dying baked goods without using the bright red dye in the little bottle, you know what I mean.  Winnie also bought some darling little pies for Christmas Eve and Steph bought some goetta.

We had lunch at Taft Ale House, which was busy as always.  A couple of their brews are in cans now, and we came out with Nellie's Key Lime and Liquid Advent.  We admired a few tiny urban gardens on our walk to Washington Park.  Nora had been hoping that the wind and rain would hold off so there could be a bit of park time, and she got her wish.  We all enjoyed being out in the warm weather, and Winnie's dad especially enjoyed sitting outside.

When we got back, Aaron settled in for some electronic and dog time, note that Lucy's paws are on his leg, and Nora went on for some quiet time at home before our visit with Bridget. 

I'm feeling lucky that we can get to these spots that I enjoy in just a few minutes.  When I moved here, I didn't fully appreciate the urban-ness of my neighborhood, which in some ways feels like the suburbs.  Except for parking, of course.  And tiny lots.  And just the smallest glimpse of skyline when the leaves are off the trees, from an upstairs window, standing on a chair. 

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Joanne S said...

I miss the cosmopolitan-nis of a big city. Here I am living practically
in the woods. Any sophisticated purchases have to be made via the internet.
But it's quiet. We have clear skies and stars. On winter days, I can hear the trees

G is out snowplowing our first snow. With memories of his heart attack
the last time he cleared snow. A bit of anxious worry.