Monday, December 7, 2015

Basketball Now

Saturday was the first day of a new sport for the grands.  They have played a lot of street basketball but never on teams.

Nora was so nervous but by the end of the game she had a smile.  She wanted to wear her jersey to school today.  And she was very pleased that there was a Wednesday night conflict with her fifth grade concert and basketball.  The concert would never come out on top.

Aaron did not have a great day.  His team lost 19 - 4 and he was pretty upset.  He is a very competitive player and foresees losing every game this season.  I didn't get a picture of him with his uniform, but here he is at Nora's later game.  He brought his basketball just in case there would be a chance to shoot some baskets and his football just in case someone would want to play.

I'm sure he felt a little better yesterday when his beloved Bengals won.  As game day approaches, he starts to worry and quotes reasons why his team may or may not play well.  His dad can't say that he never pays attention to what his dad tells him.

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