Sunday, December 27, 2015

Silent House

This afternoon the white Subaru with the roof rack went up the hill and around the corner and my house is full of its usual silence.  I am aware today that I live with too much silence, even for one of the most introverted of introverts.

It has been an amazing week.  Above is a Christmas Eve picture on a wonderfully warm day.  Some years it's been so cold and we hustled here and there, bundled up.  Not this year.

Aaron is along after his second sleep-over, the first being Tuesday night when Sarah, Winnie, and Walt came.  Tradition dictates that Nora and Aaron spend the night, watching hopefully in the evening for the first sighting of the car.  By Wednesday, after visits to Findlay Market, Taft Ale House, and Bridget's, Nora was ready for some Aaron-free time and went on home.  

Christmas Eve was a blur of last minute tasks and dinner and church for some and happy unwrapping.  On Christmas afternoon, Sarah, Winnie, Walt and I went to see Sisters.  The audience was laughing and loving it.  I was dismayed that, while Steph had taken Winnie's dad to church, I had taken him to a movie with lots of language and sexual overtones.  Then I realized that he was laughing along with everyone else.

Saturday was the Antique Christmas display at Taft Museum of Art and a fun dinner at The Elusive Cow in Bellevue.  Which brings us to today and the white car going up the hill and the silent house.

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