Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Real Santa

Yesterday the kids and I went to see the real Santa.  The real Santa is at Macy's downtown.

If you have any doubt, just look at the grand's Santa pictures over the years and it's always the same guy.  Not a helper, just can't be, because it's always the same Santa.

There were some interesting requests - a girl Elf on the Shelf to go with the boy elf.  A light-up football.  Santa said he wasn't sure about the girl elf this year because it's almost time for the elves to return to the North Pole, but maybe next year.

I remember my first Christmas in Cincinnati, the first year that both kids saw Santa.  It was a warm day, just like today.  Nora wore a brown sweater and sat on the step in front of Santa, no Santa's lap for her.  Aaron was three months old and he was willing to sit with Santa.  Throughout the years, that hasn't changed, although Nora is now willing to stand close.

After the Santa visit, there is a place to write requests and drop them into a post box, just in case things were forgotten when the pressure was on.

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