Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone.

Trick or Treat is about to start, and there's just a little drizzle, not too cold.  I walked on the flood wall beside the river earlier in the afternoon.  Hardly any walkers.

Last night I was baking banana bread and decided to heat my leftover pizza in the oven.  Two small square pieces, on the rack to stay crisp.  Would you believe, BOTH of them slipped when I was taking them out, and landed face down in the oven.  The oven had some grit on the bottom, the pizza got gritty, and that was that.

There was also a piece of foil that had been there for the longest time.  Some black from spills.  So, once the bread was finished, I took out that foil, turned the oven on to clean, and got out of the kitchen.  This morning I washed out the white ash and got happy.

Usually I get books at the library or on my Kindle Unlimited, but recently there have been some good books at Dollar Tree.  If there is a Dollar Tree in your neighborhood, check it out.  Sometimes I just like to have a real book of my own.

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Joanne S said...

More than 20 years ago I had to make a quick decision. Big bucks to replace the clock that makes the self cleaning oven work or disconnect the clock. We were tight on cash at the time and the replacement cost was in the 100"s so- I have had a dirty oven ever since. G will steam clean it every so often and it looks good for a few years. Right now, it just looks likes something Medieval.