Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween Party

We meant to go to Kings Island today, but it was windy and rainy.  That pretty much knocked off the zoo too.  So Aaron and I went to Behringer Crawford Museum.  We happened on their Halloween party and there were spots left.  It turned out to be a fun afternoon after all.

Aaron got some cool prizes, including these glasses.

There was a mummy contest, where the parent/grandparent wrapped the child with toilet paper.  He was one of the older kids and could stand still while I wrapped him up.  He won a prize - a certificate for a Graeter's ice cream cone.

We did the honorable thing and stopped at Graeter's on the way home.

I'm happy to be back with you.  I had upgraded to Windows 10, which turned out to be an unwise move.  The repair shop guy said that sometimes it works out well, sometimes not.  It didn't work out well for me.

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Joanne S said...

My husband upgraded my computer and I have been so unhappy since. You will have noticed no new photos from my camera. The new iPhoto is too messed up for me to deal with. And I can't delete
photos anymore with that damned Cloud. They just come back.

He upgraded my computer so he could do "more complex" things on his iPad. sigh!!!