Friday, October 30, 2015

Almost Halloween

My neighbor, who might just love Halloween even more than I do, stopped in on her way to a Halloween party at a local elementary school.  She dropped off some pumpkin cookies and showed me her ghost Rice Krispee treats.

I had my dreaded dentist visit this morning and it went very well.  I've been using a whitening mouthwash a couple of times a day and it does wonders in reducing the amount of tartar.  It must be the peroxide.

The dentist said I had very nice teeth.  He probably says that to everyone, but it was nice to hear that something in my older body is nice.  It was just my bad (or good?) luck to have the dentist visit and my mammogram in the same week.  The mammogram tech said that if I didn't hear anything in two days I was off the hook, and it's been three now.  I'll still feel better once I get the letter.

I wish I didn't get so anxious about medical visits.  I've tried really hard not to, but I think it just gets worse.  I've read somewhere that real Christians don't worry.  Hmmmmm.

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Joanne S said...

everyone worries. There was a mouthwash I used for 6 months--my teeth and gums were in excellent shape but the mouth wash had stained my teeth. Took forever for the tech to scrape it off. I stopped using it--as the time and effort used to remove the gritty stain (I could feel it with my tongue) wasn't worth it.