Monday, October 5, 2015


The worship banner is to help visualize the "wholehearted" theme of three Sundays.  Gray and white jelly-roll style background with heart and vertical strips in bright pink.

What I learned:  I did the background first and finished it quilt style, with organic walking foot horizontal quilting.  The heart was quilted separately with slanted walking foot straight quilting.  I started with half inch quilting, then decided to try 1/4" matchbox quilting.  What happened was, the heart pulled out of symmetry with all that slanted quilting.  This doesn't really bother me, I tend to make things too controlled, too even, and this got me out of that zone.  But, if I wanted to keep the symmetrical shape, I should have quilted vertically or horizontally.

Before I quilted, I cut out my heart and drew a line 1/2" inside the heart.  I quilted to the line and that's where I turned around.  At the end, I quilted on the line several times.  I cut with a pinking shears about 1/4" outside the line, turned in on the line, and pressed it down.  The pinking shears eliminated the need for cutting little lines around the curves.  It was easy to applique the heart and it stayed flat.

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