Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sewing Machines

No pictures tonight since blogger isn't cooperative. That's ok, though, since you would have just seen a picture of a sewing machine once again. This time my Quilt Designer II, actually stitching a downloaded design.

Before today, I was limited to embroidering design collections already on d-cards, but now I have a d-card Reader/Writer and can download designs from CD's or the internet on my personal d-card. My Quilt Designer II doesn't have all the bells and whistles like my newer machine, but combined with my software it can do lots. Now I can embroider on two machines at once or keep on embroidering even though I'm using the newer machine for sewing. I feel like my world has opened up a little. And yes, I'm spoiled, I know that.

Ever since I got my first Singer at Sears in 1968, complete with zig zag as well as straight stitch, I've been lucky to have had nice sewing machines. That first Singer was $88, and I still remember buying it, as well as the machines that came afterward.

My single sewing machine regret is that I didn't get my mother's machine when she died. My brother offered it to me but I was in transition then and didn't want an older machine in a cabinet. Now I wish I had it so I could make quilts on her machine like she did. I do realize that I'm being nostalgic and wouldn't really be happy with the hard-to-manage tension and the front-loading bobbin.

Oh, and I do have another sewing machine regret. I wish I'd gotten better machines for my daughters. Lesson learned, perhaps, for when I get a machine for Nora, which I'd sure I will.

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