Thursday, October 8, 2009

Friday Fill-In # 145

Friday Fill-Ins are below - answers are in bold. If you have a blog, try them out.

1. Sweet dreams - I love them. Enjoy remembering them the next day. I wish I knew more about dreaming.

2. It's fun to have treats made especially for me (since I'm the one who ends up with them.) California rolls for dinner, Greater's strawberry sorbet, some kind of snack mix from the bins at the Fresh Market. Hmmmmm, my treats are all food related.

3. Silliness is something I don't do often now but remember doing as a child. Sticking my nose in the jar of freshly ground horseradish, eating snow, loving those kid jokes.

4. I'm going to decorate a little more this Halloween. I enjoy seeing houses with flashing pumpkins, autumn flags, even those blow-up yard decorations. I won't have any of those, but I do want more pumpkins, more mums, some pansies.

5. Outstanding or not, I like pizza. And there's a new pizza restaurant downtown that I want to try. But for lunch in a pinch, I get a frozen pizza at the dollar store and I like that too. For really good pizza, there's nothing like LaRosa's and Dewey's.

6. Some good sleep and maybe sweet dreams (see # 1) is what I want right now! When I was a young mother I never got enough sleep. Now I'm a live-alone grandmother and I still never get enough sleep. There is always something I want to do before bedtime or before work in the morning. And I really wouldn't want it any other way.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to maybe picking up a small pizza at that new pizza restaurant, tomorrow my plans include working then starting Nora's Halloween costume, and Sunday I want to watch those cardiac Bengals again. Bad as last Sunday was, I didn't learn my lesson. Every Sunday, there's fresh hope.

Happy Friday, everyone.


ann marie said...

I agree with #6, too much stuff to do and not enough time to do it in (there goes my sleeping time). Have a great weekend :)

Joanne said...

Most of the blogs I visited are preparing for Halloween! Enjoy!

Happy weekend. Here's my Friday Fill-ins entry ->

labgirl0 said...

Hi Connie! I liked your fill ins and will get around to reading more of your blogs sometime soon. Hope life is treating you well. Here's the URL to my blog if you'd like to follow it.

Sassy Brit said...


I LOVE pizza, too, and I'm just making my own base as we speak LOL

Here's mine! I had a lot of fun again with this: HERE.

Have a great Friday!

Marice said...

same here.. i love pizza ;)

mine is up too

A Mom's Choice said...

Check out my Fill in Friday Chronic Chick Talk

Happy Friday :) from a fellow crafter