Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've just got to start Nora's Wizzard of Oz quilt for her birthday. I meant to get the fabric yesterday but forgot it when I went to the store. I'm not sure what the right fabric will be - light blue, maybe. Maybe green for the Emerald City. Maybe both.

I did get muslin for dyeing fabric for the church Advent wallhanging. The Advent theme is Bursting In and Breaking Out. The Leader material suggests a "purple cloth in a path-like shape shape, leading upwards to hanging stars, sun, and moon." Before it gets too cold, I need to dye about ten feet of purple and some gold. If I just wash the muslin, I'll feel like I've started. I may look for an embroidery design for stars. I'm picturing some metallic quilting too.

Steph said that when she and Nora went to the library last night they found a book called "Nora's Room" about a little red-headed girl. Steph said Nora absolutely loves it, and I'm looking forward to having a look.

Cincinnati Public Libraries have a tax increase on the upcoming ballot and there have been some interesting letters to the editor about whether libraries should have popular DVD's, video games, etc. I can see both sides, no surprise there, but I'd weigh in on the "yes, they should" side. It seems to me that not all library items should be "serious stuff" or books. These things get checked out, which to me is an indication that people use them.

This morning I'm embroidering the Martha Pullen work sample for November. Because of the orientation of the embroidery on the hoop, I'm not exactly centered . . . hmm, we'll see how important that is. I threaded the serger for the edges - my co-worker can thread it so quickly and it seems as if my fingers are so slow. Got to keep telling myself that at least I can do it.

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