Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Movies Before Noon

Two great reasons to go to the movies before noon:
1. At the theater at Newport on the Levee, the before-noon price is $5.00.
2. There's almost no one there. When I went last week to see The Hangover, I was the only one at that showing. Time before that, there was one other woman, way up in front. I feel all luxurious, like I'm getting my own private showing. I love to go the movies by myself - I can just concentrate on the movie without sharing a thing, not popcorn, not thoughts, not space.
Of course, if you want to share a movie with me, I love that too.
The Hangover was great, by the way.

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Vicki W said...

My husband also goes to movies by himself....or with a secret girlfriend! He likes going by himself too because his wife is not always asking, "who's that?" and "what just happened?". I hate going to movies because I can't sit still that long.