Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday night

I really should be working on the turkey crazy quilt, although I did do three blocks today. I need to have him ready by Tuesday and have nine blocks to go. By the way, those pieces of paper and fabric on the floor are waiting to be part of the turkey. There are six beige fabrics, six brown, three red, one black, one white. I need to keep them in order if the turkey is to look like it should.

Instead, though, I've been working on this table runner, made on the serger. It's quilt as you go and reversible, easy as can possibly be, but I'm still feeling very accomplished to have actually made something on the serger. Tomorrow it will get a binding (on the sewing machine.)

Besides, I'm baking cookies for my church's community meal on Tuesday and it was easy to put in a batch of cookies, then run upstairs and cut out and serge another strip of fabric. As an aside: I really did have a cookie life before I started using those pre-made marbles of cookie dough in the refrigerated food section but I can barely remember it now.

I was feeling pretty pleased that I was baking those cookies in a timely fashion and made a couple dozen extra besides when I remembered that tomorrow is church potluck. Sigh. I had a few minutes of feeling discouraged because I can't seem to get everything together but then I remembered that I have a couple of loaves of banana bread in the freezer. And a couple of those big cans of sweet potatoes that can easily be turned into something yummy in the morning with time to spare for making a couple of turkey blocks. Life is good again.

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