Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pajama Time

I absolutely love my library. It's close to home, they have lots of good magazines, and they'll bring books from the other two county libraries if I reserve them. And on Monday nights during the winter they have toddler pajama story time. The librarian reads a few books and then the kids do an art project. Monday night the theme was nursery rhymes and the art project was little boy blue come blow your horn, complete with those paper whistles that straighten out when you blow them.

After the story time Nora and I like to hang out a little and try out some puzzles, coloring pages, and the trains. And this time, Pretend. "Pretend you're the kid and I'm the mom and you can't reach a book and you call me to get it for you." And Nora would come with her face beaming and carrying one of those little round library step stools to help me out.

Another nice thing about the library is that it's just around the corner from Graeter's. I've learned from Steph to offer Nora just two choices, so I offered chocolate chip and blueberry pie. Nora predictably chose chocolate chip although she said she'd try blueberry pie next time. She always likes to do a little mixing with her chocolate chip and my raspberry sorbet.

Today I finished Aaron's scarecrow costume. Don't know about the hat, I decided to cut corners and get a premade witch hat at the $ store. They only had green, orange, and purple, no black. The saving grace is that it was spider webs on it, which is a nice tie-in to Nora's witch cape with spiders. Now we'll see if (1) it fits and (2) he'll wear it.

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