Monday, October 26, 2009

Guild Quilt Show

I left my camera at Steph's last night while celebrating Aunt Tina's birthday, so most likely no pictures for awhile. I'm not sure I got any pictures that nicely captured the celebration anyway. It was the end of an exciting day for Nora and Aaron, with trick or treating at the zoo happening earlier in the day.

I volunteered to contribute scalloped potatoes and bread to the birthday meal but found out in the morning that I was scheduled to work at the boutique at my quilt guild's annual show at the Cincinnati Nature Center during the afternoon. Somehow I'd missed that information. So there were mashed potatoes from a box. I had no idea where the nature center was but found out that it isn't far from Steph's. It looks like a wonderful place - I'm going back for sure.

If I hadn't been working at the event I wouldn't have gone and would have missed out on a wonderful show. It's just three days and I was working during the first two. And between reading at church in the morning, joining friends for lunch, and going to Steph and Mike's in the evening, I would have declared the day full enough. As it was, I left right after church and got there just in time.

I really wish that (1) I'd taken some pictures. I left my camera in the car, thinking that pictures probably weren't permitted, which was incorrect. And (2) that I'd had a whole day in that room with just me and the quilts, no distractions, to just look and look. There were so many awesome quilts. So many good techniques.

Between the sunny autumn day and seeing many people heading for the hiking trails, some really nice handmade things in the Nature Center gift shop, and the quilt show itself, I feel like yesterday was a day that will provide a bookmark for days to come. Three of the guild members came over to me when I arrived and said they'd been wondering why I didn't have anything in the show. Next year, for sure.

Since I had many potatoes and all the other ingredients, I'm making scalloped potatoes and pork roast for Steph and Mike tonight.

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