Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This sticker was on a van at Sugarlands Visitors Center. It didn't seem to have any reference to Sarah Palin, even in the small print, so I'm posting it for my Sarah.

Sarah and Winnie - on Saturday it rained as soon as we got back from our hike to Alum Cave Bluffs but they don't seem too dismayed. That's Helen's aunt in the background - she came from Knoxville for a birthday celebration for Helen's sister.

Sarah and Winnie's tent was among the brightest in the campground, and Winnie had shoes to match, although she's not wearing them here.

And thinking of shoes, I glanced into their trunk and saw these shoe boxes for their footwear.

Once the Cincinnati and Indiana folks were on the road on Sunday, Sarah and Winnie went to town for pizza and a little shopping. Back in Asheville, they had much rain, a wet basement, and their tent drying out in the living room.

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