Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh, Joy

Oh, joy, Aaron's quilt is finished and ready for his birthday party this afternoon. Yesterday at this time it was in pieces on the floor and I'm happy, happy that it's finished in time. Steph reminded me that birthdays last a whole month, but still, I so wanted him to have it today.

Kona cotton is on sale at the fabric store, so I used that for the backing. Partly because time was so short, and partly because this is a functional quilt that should have bias binding, I used purchased quilt binding. I'm hoping that it's colorfast.

Yesterday there was a community yard sale in a neighboring community and I stopped at a couple of houses. I spotted this sewing machine for $10 and decided to get it.

It is not a good sewing machine, has only a few stitches, strictly mechanical, worth maybe, oh, $10. But it's much better than the so-called "toy" sewing machines and is attractively packaged.

I can just picture sitting down with Nora and teaching her to sew. This will be great for stitching on paper without thread, then making a pillow case or a little cotton bag. The yard sale woman said it was her mother-in-law's and she couldn't get the tension right. It looked ok, though, barely used, and just a twist of the dial got the tension right. I have a feeling she was hemming jeans or a similar heavy fabric, and this machine just isn't made for that.
Good times are coming, Nora.


Vicki W said...

What a cute quilt!

Anonymous said...

Connie, that's a great idea ! Our girl, one day, may be able to work up the same kinds of wonderful things, you now do! I'd love to experience that !
Jan L.

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt, it's actually beautiful !!! So special, so very nice ! So glad we got to see it at Aaron's party. I can tell you Nora loves it !
Jan L.